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Breathwork AfterCare Plan

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

OK, I Breathed... so now what?!?! As you are probably now aware, Breathwork is a beautiful and powerful, transformative tool. You all embarked on an incredibly deep journey to your soul, so the after effects can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The healing doesn’t stop once you leave the workshop… in fact, the real journey starts as you walk back into the world ever so slightly changed and often looking at everything through “Rebirthed eyes”. Remember to trust your own innate wisdom and intuition as your entire being continues to shift, heal and rebalance. So what now??? Here are a few tips for to help you continue your journey…

Hydrate Water, water and more water! It’s a no brainer… but in the cooler months, a good reminder to become more conscious of our intake.

Get in Nature Walk on the beach, take your shoes off and walk on the grass, lie on the ground, sit with your back up against a tree - this is one of my personal favourites… the healing energy of Mother Earth comes up from the roots of the tree, into its trunk and then into you, traveling up your spine to provide great healing and grounding.

Eat Root Vegetables Not just good for you, but incredibly grounding. For non-vegetarians, a little meat can also be very grounding.

Meditate Continue your own personal practice, or start one… haha… whenever I ask a client if they meditate, the response is very rarely: “oh way too much, Ive really gotta pull back on that one!” More often its: “oh yeah, Ive been meaning to/I’ve gotta get back to it/I should do more…” If you have trouble or find your mind wandering aimless trying to distract you, try my guided meditations on my website you can download for FREE! Connecting With Spirit” takes you deep into the rainforest and has you sitting between the roots of an enormous ancient tree, and “Release and Let Go” journeys you on a tropical island to release the past. Free Download

Be Your Own Best Friend Write, draw, journal, contemplate, walk and quietly observe your reactions, thoughts and emotions…. all are valid. Not all needed to be held tightly or reacted to… just observed! Be gentle with yourself… you’re worth it! And don’t forget to laugh…. spiritual growth can be intense, but it can be hilarious too!

Move Your Body Yoga, walking, swimming, dancing & singing, pilates, kickboxing, gym… whatever resonates with you, but PHYSICALLY move the energy during this transformative time. Sound is vibration and frequency. Find joyous way to raise and keep your vibration high. Release more of those ‘feel good’ endorphins… be greedy, order big…. “I’d like a large serving of Serotonin and Dopamine with a side dish of Oxytocin please!”

More Healing Honour yourself, listen to your own inner guidance. Possibly have a follow-up one to one Breathwork session. I have opened my appointments at THE LANDING SPACE on Wednesdays for one to one Breathwork sessions.  Book Now!

Contact Me I’m available to answer any questions should you have any concerns… 0404 465 515 Sometimes its hard to get me on the phone if I’m working with clients, but SMS me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Group Breathwork And finally, don’t forget the next group Breathwork Journey is confirmed for: Learn More

"Holding space for someone to facilitate their own healing is the ultimate gift”

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